About Us

Delivering a successful service

‘Fergus Homes relentlessly identifies opportunity and adds value to property by maximising planning gain and development angles’

An end-to-end service

We co-ordinate the development process from the sourcing and acquisition of the development, through to the sale or leasing of the final, finished product.

Strong business model

To deliver our service successfully, we do business in the belief that long standing relationships and integrity build a strong business and resulting profit.

Our proven success

Our success is exemplified by our average post leverage return on equity of over 180%, achieved over 100 houses/flats constructed during 2012-2021 These deals grossed a total development value of over £40m.

Fergus Prentice

Fergus Prentice MRICS, our CEO, is a well-established and key player in the London property market with over 20 years experience.

A keen sportsman and ex-England polo player, Fergus has built Fergus Homes cautiously focusing on smaller to medium sized developments, primarily flat conversions. These provide the safest and highest returns in opportunity areas.

Fergus is not afraid to go where other developers fear to tread. He has developed a reputation for being able to spot opportunity and generate excellent returns within specific areas.

Fergus Homes have built a track record of decency and integrity over the years. We bring to each project a comprehensive and highly qualified team of property professionals.

Our team includes site finders, architects, planning consultants, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, CDM coordinators, project managers, site managers, accountants and legal advisers. Most of our highly skilled professionals have been part of the Fergus Homes team for over 10 years. They have developed efficient working practices and make a strong, loyal and cohesive team capable of delivering complex, high specification developments.